Unique Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Unique Weeding Day

Wedding Cake Ideas – Wedding cake has always been one of the most important factor at a wedding day. It is not surprising because a wedding cake is not only a complement to complete the festival of events, but also it perfect the whole wedding decoration and celebration. In some tradition, they believe that the cut of the wedding cake is a ceremony to mark the beginning of cooperation between the brides in their marriage. Especially in the upper middle class, some people think a wedding cake is compulsory.

In addition to the taste, another crucial point of a wedding cake is its decoration. In the early history of a wedding cake, the decoration of most wedding cakes are almost similar. It is present in a form of high storeyed cake as normal elegant cake. The difference between one and another is only in the top decoration. And this modern conventional style is still favored today. But as time has passed, people become more creative in decorating the wedding cake and many wedding cake ideas appear. Moreover, we can have our own creative wedding cake ideas to leave different and wonderful memories in our wedding. To give you some wedding cake ideas, however, find our list here;

 1. Themed wedding cake ideas

Nowadays, many people celebrate their wedding day in certain themes such as using certain colors, certain countries or cultures, or even anime or cartoon. So if you will have wedding day in certain theme, you can adjust your wedding cake to the wedding theme

2. Cupcakes for wedding cake ideas

Cupcakes already has many fans, even many suppliers are offering a wide variety of cupcakes. Cupcakes can be selected as complement the wedding party. For flavor and color can be adjusted to a predetermined theme for the wedding

3. Chocolate for wedding cake ideas

For chocolate lovers, this wedding cake ideas can be selected. Not only ordinary chocolate cakes, but you can also create many shapes from this chocolate.

4. Pizza for wedding cake ideasA

pizza for a wedding cake? Why not? A big heart-shaped pizza for your wedding cake will be interesting.

5. Flowery wedding cake ideas

Flower is one of romantic symbols, so a wedding cake with flower decoration is always preferred.

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