Smokey Eye Makeup for Beginner

Smokey Eye Makeup – Eyes can speak and show your personality or mood. Dramatic-eyes makeup can make a person’s gaze look more alive. One of the most popular eye makeup is smokey eyes. Smokey eyes makeup do not only make you more beautiful, but also give special and dramatic impression.

Do you want to know how to do smokey eyes make up successfully? You can follow step by step below;

You need :

  • Black eyeliner pencil-shaped .
  • eyeshadow brush ( select the fur which is short and thin ) .
  • Black or dark grey eyeshadow.
  • Eyelash Curler .
  • Black Mascara .

How to make Smokey Eyes makeup :

  1. After applying the powder, by using eyeliner, draw a fine line on the inside of the upper eyelid. Do this several times until you get thickened lines .
  2. Do the same on the lower eyelid, but not as thick as the upper eyelid .
  3. Apply eyeshadow on the eyelid. At last, gently blend the line of eyeliner with the eyeshadow to make it look natural and give more dark impression.

But most smokey eyes makeup usually use dark and warm colors. For example, copper or black color. In fact, not all people like this color because it makes their eyes seem too bold. Well, how about replacing it by using pink? Why not? Pink is the color which is always vibrant, soft and blushing. It is suitable for you who want to highlight the beauty of the eyes without making your eyes look too bold. Well, here is a few easy steps to make pinky smokey eyes makeup so that your eyes can look beautiful with pink smokey eyes .

Tips and Tricks

  1. After cleansing your face, apply moisturizer for the eyes area, you can use a primary eye or eye makeup base. This can help to highlight the color of eyeshadow. Take several moments .
  2. You can use black liquid eyeliner or eye pencil to make the frame. This eye frame pattern makes you do not need to make much use of eyeshadow shades darker .
  3. Select a soft brown color to blend the color of your eye frame, so it looks more natural. Brown color can reduce the effect on the thickness of your eyes .
  4. Once everything was blended well, fill the center of the eyelid with the pink color. Choose pink with shimmering and sparkling effect for beautiful result, do not be afraid it will look bold because the combination of pink and brown color will make your smokey eyes makeup look warmer .
  5. Finally, If you would like to reaffirm your eyes frame, you can add dark eyeshadow. If you want , you can use a white pencil or shimmering white eyepencil to scratch below the eye frame up in the corner of your eye .
  6. Do not forget to flip your lashes and give mascara . Now your gorgeous eyes are ready to perform in the event you will attend .

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