Seven Steps for Applying Nail Art Gel

Nail Art Gel – In the beauty and fashion world, the trend is undergoing a dynamic change. To get a gorgeous appearance, there are many persons who are willing and trying to do many various ways for their bodies including their nails. Nowadays, people do not only use nail polish or nail paint to coloring their nails, but there is also the innovation of nail art gel.

Centuries ago, nail art is not a trend as today era. However, nail coloring art had been existed since 3.000 years before BC when Chinese use one layer paint in their nails to get red color for their nails. In India, coloring nails has been famous by using Henna which is from plant named Henna.

But now, nail coloring is not only about coloring the nails. It becomes trend and also an art. And nail art gel is one of the newest nail art trend. Nail art gel is a solution for nail art fans who feel that nail polish or ordinary nail art polish is easily removed or faded.

The difference between nail art gel and nail polish is the material which is used. Nail art gel is more polished and shining. Another plus point when you use nail art gel is it easily dries and lasts for about two until three weeks without applying any special treatment. Moreover, nail art gel will not cause damage to your nail compare to other nail art paints or polish. Nail art gel is saver to apply because the nails will be under the nail art gel so the nails will remain healthy.

However, nail art gel is still limited to do in saloon and spa because it requires specialized equipments such as LED lamps that emit UV light to dry the nail art gel. The duration to have nail art gel is about 40 minutes until one hour, but if the image you want to be painted is too complicated, the duration can be 1.5 hours and more.

Let’s see the stages of applying nail art gel

  • Clean the nails first. Do the standard cleaning step as you do manicure and pedicure.
  • Apply an antiseptic, alcohol, and PH balance on the nails and fingertips.
  • Next, apply a quality base coat on your nail
  • After that, lash the nail art gel twice.
  • Dry your nail art gel under LED lamp. 30 – 40 minutes is the ideal time for this.
  • After that, you can draw or paint any image you like
  • for the finishing touch, applying a top coat is a final touch down
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