Open Heart Necklace and its beautiful meaning

Open Heart Necklace – Heart is a symbol of love, that is why heart is the most popular shape for a necklace. We can find there are many variations of heart necklace, and one of them is open heart necklace. Open heart necklace has been admired lately instead of the traditional shape of heart. Open heart in English language itself has meaning of telling someone our secret thoughts and feelings or showing or telling your true feelings and thoughts. So when there is someone give us an open heart necklace, it could mean that he/she wants to tell or show his/her true feelings. Moreover, one of the open heart necklace designer said that there is always a story behind an open heart. People may have different reasons of giving an open heart necklace, but the message will be always the same, that is love will forever find its way in whenever we open our heart. And another designer also said that open heart means that we have to keep our heart open for taking and giving love.

Nevertheless, the meaning is not limited only to that expression. It surely symbolize love which doesn’t have to be love between couple; it could be love between family or friendship. Husband to his wife, parents to their daughters, and best friends give open heart necklace for each other. This open heart necklace represents more positive meaning of love that can be associated to the design. It makes an open heart necklace a beautiful present to anyone for any kind of relationship. Or, it might be a beautiful gift when we buy an open heart necklace for ourselves as personal jewelry or as an expression of love as a human.

Another interpretation of an open heart design is related to spiritual motivation of wearing it. There is special meaning of an open heart design in which it symbolizes fertility. There are certain people who have certain spiritual beliefs, they have faith in that wearing such symbol might bring lucky charm. They believe that the women would be pregnant.

Whatever the interpretation or meaning you have when you are wearing an open heart necklace, the heart symbol is always beautiful. It contains beautiful simplicity which represent the universal symbol of love. It shows positivity that demonstrate love in all language.

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