Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial for Daily Use

Natural Eye Makeup – There is a saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and right make up for the eyes will make our souls increasingly shine more through the eyes. Typically for certain events, make-up will focus on the eyes. However, heavy makeup sometimes makes us uncomfortable to wear everyday, so we need natural eye makeup. Natural eye makeup will make our face fresher and make us look brighter. Natural eye makeup is simple and modest, but it will not disappoint us. Natural eye makeup offer shiny and glowing eyes.

Thus, here is a natural eye makeup tutorial which we can try

  1. At first, clean our face and select the nude or bright colors of eye shadow for our eyes. Choose a natural eye liner like dark brown color, it will create the impression of natural and not overdone.
  2. Dip the brush eyeliner in liquid eyeliner before applying it on the eyes. It is better if you firstly wipe the eyeliner on the container to avoid that you will use the eyeliner too full and make the eyeline applied to your eyes become scattered.
  3. After that, then apply the eyeliner on the eye slowly. Before making the overall line, first create a first line for the eye wing tip section, you can draw a line from the front of the eye and then pull it out slowly and slightly tapered shape of the line.
  4. Next, then drawing a thin line of eye line section slowly. When drawing this line, try line drawn neatly and slowly.
  5. If the line is already set up as a whole, then fill in the center by drawing and colored polish so that the central part is thicker. Similarly, when polishing the middle, try to do it slowly so as not scattered.
  6. If the eyeliner already applied to the right eye, then doing the same thing left eye section. Do it slowly and make ends parallel wings, that look the same and more beautiful.
  7. Do not forget to wear concealer under the eyes, so that we can hide dark circles under the eye perfectly.
  8. Squeeze eyelash by using curler twice from the innermost part and the tip of the lashes. It will create dramatic effect, yet still natural for the eyes.
  9. Lastly, apply mascara and avoid repeating use which is thick, let your eye keep natural look. It is recommended to use clear mascara which appears more simple and natural.


Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial
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