Gold Chain Necklace for Both Male and Female

Gold chain necklace can be a suitable style for both males and females fashions. Moreove, a gold chain necklace offers different impression for both men and women. It makes your total look more dramatic, classic, more feminine or more masculine, lovely or mysterious. You can choose a gold chain necklace with a simple design or the ones with bold gold chain or you can also mix and match your gold chain necklace for diverse look. Moreover, a pendant or a charm on your gold chain necklace is also amazing for your charming look.

For an example, a Vintage Chunky Gold Chain Necklace is worth buying. The design is simpe yet so beautiful. It is light gold plated chain. And what makes this design a great deal is we can wear it only or we can add layer by wearing other necklaces along with this gold chain necklace. The beauty of this vintage necklace is beautiful.

However, before you buy a gold chain necklace, there are some considerations about it.

  1. Kinds of gold

There are some basic kinds of gold for jewelry which are yellow gold, white gold, and the combination of both.

  1. Karat of gold

The amount of gold contained in certain parts of jewelry is called carat. For basic knowledge, there are 24-karat gold, 18-karat gold, 14-karat gold, and 10 karat gold. When deciding to buy a gold chain necklace, think about how you are going to wear it whether it will be used every day or occasionally only. If you wear this chain gold necklace continuously all the time, then the 24-karat necklace may be too soft, then the 14-karat gold necklace or 10 carat can be a consideration. If you only will wear a gold chain necklace for special occasions or sometimes in a few moments only, the 24-karat gold chain necklace may be more suitable. 24 karat gold is also more valuable.

  1. Design and style

There are braided chains, linked chains, woven chains, chain of combinations, and the box chain. Each differently can come in any combination of white gold and yellow gold. Just find the ones that is suitable for your style and the occasion.

gold chain necklace for both male and female
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