Cat Eye Makeup Tips & Tutorial

Beautiful cat eye makeup could be a key to look adorable without applying heavy makeup. Whether we’re going to a casual or formal event, cat eye makeup is always perfectly adorable. The gentle lines could define our eyes deeper, while its line wing will add charming and sweet look. Moreover, If we succeed applying perfect cat eyeliner, it will give an impression of lovable, attractive, yet mysterious look. Any eye color pencil or gel eye liner can be used to get gorgeous cat eye makeup.

Here I offer easy and simple tutorial and tips to make cat eye makeup :

  1. At first, we can prim our lid using neutral primer. If we want to create more dramatic look or thick cat eye makeup, sculpt the eye with eye shadow. Use the lighter or warmer tone as the basic. But if you want to have subtle look, you can skip this step. The next step is making the lash line, make sure that you use a thick, deep and angled brush.
  2. We can begin from the middle of our upper lid, start making a line close to our lashes as possible as we can. This is the foundation of the cat eye makeup in which it control and determine how wide our eyeliner will be. If you want to create dramatic look, we can draw a thick line. But if you want to make it delicate, just draw a thin line. Sometimes, it is not easy for a beginner to draw a neat line, but practice will make it better. We don’t have to take a straight line, try short lashes as an optional technique.
  3. Then create a fine line from our inner corner of our eye and move to the line that we have just made in the first step. This is the basic to make eyeliner wing to create perfect cat eye makeup.
  4. This is the next step to make our eyeliner wing. Create a line from the last stroke outwards. Then we can determine the width, the length, and also the angle for our eye liner.
  5. After having our eyeliner wing, create a line going back to our upper line, therefore it make a triangle on our upper lid. If we want to make the line thicker, we can make bigger triangle. If you want to make delicate and modest look, draw the triangle smaller.
  6. Then finish your cat eye makeup, by packing on tons of mascara.


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