Unique Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Unique Weeding Day

Wedding Cake Ideas – Wedding cake has always been one of the most important factor at a wedding day. It is not surprising because a wedding cake is not only a complement to complete the festival of events, but also it perfect the whole wedding decoration and celebration. In some tradition, they believe that the […]

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial for Daily Use

Natural Eye Makeup – There is a saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and right make up for the eyes will make our souls increasingly shine more through the eyes. Typically for certain events, make-up will focus on the eyes. However, heavy makeup sometimes makes us uncomfortable to wear everyday, so […]

Types of Gold Necklace for Men

Gold Necklace for Men – For men, wearing an accessories is not as essential as women do. An accessories such as a necklace or bracelet may not be an option for all men. Yet, men today is more aware of their appearances then they were in the old times. Wearing jewelries such as a necklace […]

Gold Chain Necklace for Both Male and Female

Gold chain necklace can be a suitable style for both males and females fashions. Moreove, a gold chain necklace offers different impression for both men and women. It makes your total look more dramatic, classic, more feminine or more masculine, lovely or mysterious. You can choose a gold chain necklace with a simple design or […]

Open Heart Necklace and its beautiful meaning

Open Heart Necklace – Heart is a symbol of love, that is why heart is the most popular shape for a necklace. We can find there are many variations of heart necklace, and one of them is open heart necklace. Open heart necklace has been admired lately instead of the traditional shape of heart. Open […]

Seven Steps for Applying Nail Art Gel

Nail Art Gel – In the beauty and fashion world, the trend is undergoing a dynamic change. To get a gorgeous appearance, there are many persons who are willing and trying to do many various ways for their bodies including their nails. Nowadays, people do not only use nail polish or nail paint to coloring […]

Cat Eye Makeup Tips & Tutorial

Beautiful cat eye makeup could be a key to look adorable without applying heavy makeup. Whether we’re going to a casual or formal event, cat eye makeup is always perfectly adorable. The gentle lines could define our eyes deeper, while its line wing will add charming and sweet look. Moreover, If we succeed applying perfect […]

Amazing Wedding Cakes Design Ideas For Amazing Day

So you married? I am sure the amazing wedding cakes design is to choose in your mind! There are a variety of options. Your wedding cake can be as glam, traditional or contemporary as you want. Bridal shower cake which means joy and ecstasy to celebrate the beginning of a new life. Although the design […]

Vintage Wedding Dresses – Elegant Way To Look Unique At The Wedding

Of all the things you want to be perfect for your wedding day, the way you see might top the list. With all the images to be captured, you want to be able to always look back on them and proud of how you look gorgeous. When it comes to choosing a wedding dresses, most […]

Unique Wedding Dresses – Unique Look At Your Day

Do you want your day to be one that people will remember for years to come? with unique wedding dresses, you can do the trick. The problem is, how to get a unique wedding dresses that no one else has? One way only, and the obvious answer is to hire a designer to make the […]